‘Sensational Strasbourg’- Why you MUST be there!

By Euan Carey

There’s only a week to go until our virtual trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. We absolutely cannot wait to show you what we have in store. Grab a drink, get comfy – this is going to be the best trip to Strasbourg you’ve never had!

As you enter Strasbourg (virtually!) you will be able to enjoy all that the Chamber has to offer over these two days. We have a fantastic programme on offer. Each session deals with important areas of the European Parliament’s work and is sure to benefit you and your organisation.

Your trip to Strasbourg begins with a look at the EU’s Digital Agenda, an area that has seen a lot of discussion recently. MEPs such as Axel Voss, Damian Boesalager, and Brando Benifei will be taking you through the EU Parliament’s work on the Digital Agenda. They will, of course, be available to answer any questions that you have!

After leaving the session on the EU’s Digital Agenda, take a wander over to our breakout rooms on the priorities of the various EU Parliament Committees. You can choose between the priorities of the ECON, IMCO, ITRE, and TRAN committees, each with their own MEP to take you through the current thinking of their respective committee. You can, of course, walk between the various rooms and take in the various sights in each one.

Once our breakout sessions have finished, you can enjoy our final session of the day. Walk over to our final session room and enjoy our event on the European Green Deal, a massively important topic considering the priorities of the current commission. You will be able to meet some of the MEPs championing this major issue, ask them questions, and discuss any relevant issues with them.

With the sessions over, you can enjoy some additional fun activities! Look at the exhibition spaces where you can network with other member companies, as well as our streaming of the committee meetings! Finally, enjoy some networking and fun with Chamber members.

With that, day one finishes! Get yourself some rest and prepare for a fantastic day two of Strasbourg!

Unfortunately, on day two, we will have to depart Strasbourg, but before you go, we will be able to leave you with one final fantastic session. This session will be on Future EU-UK relations, a must for any business dealing with the impact of the agreement. We will be welcoming David McAllister, Emmanuel Maurel, and many other MEPs for this session! All the MEPs will be happy to deal with any questions that you may have.

As we wave you goodbye from Strasbourg, and as you digest all the information you have gained, we will make sure that you have access to our event reports which will detail anything that you might have missed! We will also be able to provide you with any slides that are used by the MEPs, as well as pass on any final questions that you have onto them!

We hope that we have set the scene for you and convinced you to register for this fantastic and ambitious event. We are at your disposal if you have any questions, and the Chamber hopes that you choose to join us next week for this innovative event!

Here at the British Chamber of Commerce, we will continue to update you with the necessary information to help all our members to succeed. We are all in this together, and with the right plans in place, consumer confidence can be restored. BritCham offers support, guidance and specialised coverage for both Brexit and COVID-19, including webinars, workshops and events that will give your firm the tools it needs to navigate through this challenging period.

See our website here for more details on how we can help you: https://www.britcham.eu/

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