About the Chamber

The British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium is a truly international body that is the essential network for any commercial organisation that is serious about doing business in the heart of Europe. It is a not-for-profit serving our members by facilitating business in Belgium and engaging with the European Union and its decision making.

The British Chamber was established in Brussels over 100 years ago to develop Anglo-Belgian trade relations, but today membership is open to organizations from any nation and over 80% of the British Chamber’s membership is from the international business community.

Our members join for many reasons: some for our unrivalled programme of EU and international policy events; some because they know we can support and grow their business in Belgium and beyond. All enjoy the informal but efficient professional environment offered by the Chamber in which business and personal contacts flourish.

The British Chamber has been serving the international business community here for over 100 years and we are committed to the long term – continuing to be the ultimate Gateway to Europe.

Members of the British Chamber are small to large businesses from Britain and across the world – all with a stake in the success of Europe and its economy. They employ 1.2m people in the UK alone, with at least as many again in the rest of Europe.

The chamber is a trusted partner to those already established here or looking to grow their business here and across Europe.

We believe in openness, inclusion and entrepreneurialism.

We are here to serve, facilitate and advise, and we encourage our members to connect, engage and belong to the Essential European Network

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