New Erasmus interns arrive at the British Chamber 2017-2018



After a quiet summer (especially for certain negotiators..) the British Chamber welcomes their new interns (from L to R), Nikki Rai, Kelvin Akinpelu, Matt Richards, Joe Lush and Kelly-Ann Fonderson who are all university students from the UK who are doing their one year placement as part of their degree. Nikki is studying French and International Relations at Aston University and is joining the EU Committee team. Kelvin studies Economics at the University of Bath and is our new Membership Development Officer. Matt is a Sociology student at the University of Bath and is also one of the new EU Events Officers. Joe and Kelly are both studying Politics with International Relations at the University of Bath. Joe is the Business & Trade Officer. Kelly is our new Communications & Events Officer.

The new team have arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed and are looking forward to working with the members this year! While you are booking your next event at the chamber, here are some fun facts about the new colleagues..

The newbies favourite type of hats:

Joe: Yorkshire flatcap

Kelly: Wigs

Kelvin: Baseball caps with structure

Matt: Drinking hat

Nikki: New York Yankee cap


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