Your Participation Matters

Youth political engagement is vital for the future of Europe. Democratic participation can take many different shapes, each act adding up to something greater. Citizens are taught from a young age that in life there are rights and responsibilities. But what modern tools can they use to accomplish these responsibilities in an effective manner? Voting is a perfect example of one such tool – at … Continue reading Your Participation Matters

Making Europe a digital single market

For decades, the single market has delivered new rights and opportunities to European citizens and businesses. The right to travel, live or study abroad. The right to benefit from the best goods and services the EU has to offer, wherever they originate. The right for businesses to enjoy a world of opportunity, trading and transacting beyond borders – selling to a potential market of hundreds of millions of people. Continue reading Making Europe a digital single market


The EU seeks to prioritize high quality health services for European citizens as health systems in the member states are becoming more interconnected. Technology plays an important role in achieving medical advances and to create a European health information space for all Europeans that will improve their general wellbeing by helping them lead longer and healthier lives. The European Commission counts on the support of … Continue reading eHealth