Launch of the BritCham Sustainability Action Group

A Word From The Chair

This group will seek to cover the three areas of sustainability:

  1. Environmental
  2. Social: Health & Well-being
  3. Economic 

With this group, we aim to empower you to act. We will discuss issues related to the running of sustainable businesses, from practical tips for small steps you can take on a in your daily activity, to how to improve the effectiveness of your company’s sustainability goals. The SAG will become the platform to share experiences, learn from best practices and debate everything from practical examples to policy actions required to improve sustainability throughout. We will seek to create understanding and awareness of sustainability from concept to implementation.

Watch as we have five minutes with Tania Pencheva, Chair of the BritCham Sustainability Action Group.

Are You Looking For New, Sustainable Business Practices?

Getting used to home working? Excited to go back to the office? Looking for the perfect equilibrium? From home, from the office or from any place on our planet… we have solutions for you! 

Did you know about TooGoodToGo? This very user-friendly App will help you to get the leftovers at a competitive price from any restaurant, cafe, hotel breakfasts, etc…Or in the same idea, go for shopping for food at half price to fight against food wastage with Happy Hours Market making good use of leftovers from supermarkets (Carrefour, Delhaize, Colruyt, Färmz, etc…) For both initiatives you just need to download the app, book the product that you want to buy and grab them in the closest distribution point.

Take the opportunity of having less people in the offices to make some changes:

  • Install LED lights everywhere.
  • Think about turning off the heating and the lights where there are empty office spaces.
  • Conduct a full cleaning of your the offices and offer a hygienic and healthy environment to your employees when they will be back! Think about the furniture, the carpets and even the air! Contact Composil Europe or Breezo Air for some ideas.
  • Think about your Mobility planning. Physical presence might have changed. The expectations and needs of employees definitely have changed. Take these opportunities to rethink the fleet management inside your enterprise. Ask MyMove or Skipr for some help! 

On an individual scale, here are some simple things you can apply everyday:

  • Install Ecosia as your search engine on your computer in order to plant trees each time you make a search.
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t read, they take up space on servers that consume energy for nothing.

As a bonus to minimise your carbon footprint, share these simple ideas to your colleagues so that they can make the same effort as you for a responsible way of living and a safer planet. 

Find out how you can you get involved by contacting Melanie Barker at for more information.

Start 2021 right with our first event ‘Re-Imagining the Workplace’ with Harry Gaskell, Head of LTV, Purpose and Sustainability at Ernst & Young.

This event will be introduced by the CEO of BritCham, Daniel Dalton and the Sustainability Action Group leadership, Tania Pencheva and Noemie de Crombrugghe. This will be followed by the keynote from Harry Gaskell and a Q&A session.

Harry has over 30 years consulting experience focused on helping organisations make major changes to their business, culture or organisation. He will provide thought leadership along with practical tips towards the workplace post-Covid and expectations from leadership and companies going forward. Register for the event here.

Who should attend?
Business leaders in medium and large companies. International companies. individuals and corporates interested in implementing and improving their Sustainable working practices.

This event is open to the Chamber network and is free to attend.

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