Golden Bridge Awards Spotlight 2

The Golden Bridge Awards recognise the trade and export success of UK companies doing business in Belgium, and Belgian & Luxembourg companies doing business in the UK. Following on from our previous GBA Spotlight, we are happy to present two more of this year’s finalists: Doncasters Settas and Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge.

 Doncasters Settas S.A

Doncasters Settas is a titanium casting facility, which operates the largest vacuum furnace in Europe and in the world with a capacity of 1 ton of titanium, and is an established supplier of titanium castings worldwide to aerospace, defence, navy, pump and valve, and many more markets.

Pierre Bleue

Les Carrières de la Pierre Bleue Belge extracts, processes and supplies Belgian Blue Limestone (Bluestone). Their first quarry was opened in Soignies in 1668. Today, exports amount to 28% of their turnover, with 5% of this going to the UK for use in construction projects, large and small. Through partnership with a UK supplier, they have created the opportunity for UK customers to purchase all Bluestone products directly, thereby saving UK customers time and reducing their costs

We hope to see you during the awards ceremony on Wednesday 22nd November where you’ll find out who this year’s winners are.

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