Golden Bridge Awards 2016 Winners: Where are they now – Orega and Bel’Export



The Golden Bridge Trade & Investment Awards present an exciting opportunity for UK companies trading or investing in Belgium, and Belgian & Luxembourg companies trading or investing in the UK to showcase their bilateral success to an international jury and celebrate their achievements during an exclusive ceremony hosted by the British Ambassador to Belgium, Alison Rose. Having recently held the jury day for this year’s competition, the finalists will await the Golden Bridge Awards (GBA) evening to find out who this year’s winners are.

Today, we look back at two of our 2016 GBA winners: Orega, a privately owned service office provider, who won the Best New Comer Award to the BeLux market and Bel’Export, a fruit export company whose main products are apples and pears, who secured the Golden Bridge Award for a Belgian company exporting to the UK.

We spoke with Maarten Lauwens, CFO at Bel’Export and Armelle Couasnon, Regional Director at Orega who told us a bit more about how they have used their Golden Bridge Awards success.

What has been the response internally/externally to winning a Golden Bridge Trade & Investment Award?

Maarten told us that the Golden Bridge award created a very positive atmosphere at Bel’Export. “It has provided recognition for our hard work, over many years, and for overcoming the numerous challenges we face in the UK. All our staff are proud to be part of a winning team and our customers are happy to be part of the success story. It has created a very positive drive throughout our company, from the staff and to the client”, said Maarten.


Why do you think participating in such events is valuable for a company?

Armelle said that participating in the awards has sent the correct message to Orega’s business partners based in Belgium. Furthermore, the award delivers to company’s potential customers a strong message, as they were new comers on the Belgian market.


How have you used your success in your promotion/communication/marketing strategy?

Bel’Export used specialised media to communicate their success, which gave them greater visibility within their industry.  “We further used our success by using the logo in our communication to our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. We are also having a promotional video made by one of our partners surrounding the harvesting process of our pears,” said Maarteen.

What is your company working towards in 2017? Are you engaging in new projects?

Orega is focusing on their two main business centres across Belgium and using the awards as a stamp of approval for their Belgian operations. For Bel’Export, “due to the April 2017 frost, the volume of our produce available will be different. However, we are doing all we can to supply our loyal customers fully. The new challenges of 2017 must be prepared for, the likes of Brexit and climate change will provide a new challenge for the company. As a company we are searching for new markets, but also new regions to start our orchards,” says Maarten.

Keep an eye on our upcoming blog posts that will feature the 2017 Golden Bridge Awards finalists!

For more information about the awards, please visit our website or contact us via email.


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