British Chamber Annual General Meeting 2017

The British Chamber’s Annual General Meeting is set to take place on the 31st May, where the results of the President of the British Chamber will be announced. Following the changes in the articles of association, members will also be given the opportunity to vote for a new Council to be put into place.

Last year’s AGM, the British Chamber opened its doors to Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo who spoke about Gibraltar’s place in Europe. We also discussed the progress of the events organised in 2016.


The formal agenda this year will allow us to report on the work that was done in 2016, as well as giving a summary of our financial performance for that year. It gives us a chance to discuss how that work has continued on into forming the programme for 2017 and the progress made in the current year.

We’ll also be taking a look at the big issues facing the chamber in 2017; the negotiations of the UK leaving the EU being the obvious example. We’ll discuss how the chamber is planning to aid you in this process and our strategy. Make sure you keep the date free and join us to discuss the progress we made as an organisation in 2016.


The Annual General Meeting is a free event open exclusively to our members and attendees will be invited to stay a little longer for a networking cocktail. If you’d like to register, click here to visit our events page or contact Andrew (



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