A day in the life of a British Chamber intern

A day in the life of a chamber intern by Andrew Moore

Andrew, often going by Andy (although he claims not to care which one he is called), began a one year placement at the chamber as our new Communications Officer. This is a look into what a normal day looks like for Andrew.

8:45 Leave home: If I’m feeling like I can splash the cash I may treat myself to a pain au chocolat choosing the establishment I purchase my tasty treat from by who has most recently baked them to ensure that warm, gooey chocolate. If I’m being frugal, it’s time to head straight to the office and get to work. Today, unfortunately, is not a pain au chocolat day.

9:15 Arrive at work: I like to make sure I get my round of good mornings in before I settle at my desk to load up my computer and face the emails for the morning. I feel it always lifts the mood with a cheery greeting. Now it’s time to read through all of the morning news and send anything interesting to our Flipboard which we release every other week highlighting key news in and around Europe.


10:30 Meeting: I have a meeting with Francesca today about the Members Directory 2017 edition we are putting together. The Member Directory is a key project I’m working on as it’s the main chamber publication every year and holds within all of our members’ company information.

12:30 Lunch: This is a tactful political play I would compare to Obama’s passing of Obamacare. It involves me sowing the seeds of hunger as I move from room to room explaining how “I’m a bit peckish,” and “I could go for lunch.” Eventually this receives enough traction and operation lunch is a go. Now to decide where to eat, we haven’t been to Happy Lunch in some time…

1:30 Social media: As Communications Officer; I monitor and use all of our social media channels to promote the chamber. This week we are promoting the Golden Bridge Awards by highlighting last year’s winners Ignition and the success they have had since winning. The Golden Bridge Award is an awards programme promoting trade links between Belgium and the UK, I promote it by plugging it in all of our communications and then I monitor how well it does.

2:30 Room Arrangement: I’d put myself within the top 3 people in the comms room in terms of kindness. So when a colleague from the events team pops their head around the door asking for help setting up an event I jump to their aid and deliver some of the finest room arrangement seen North of the Mediterranean.


3:30 Meeting: I’m off to a meeting with Edward, from the Business and Trade team, to discuss the Expat Financial Affairs event, we’re planning the promotion of the event and how to reach our target audience. The event is on the 19th of October and is set to offer essential advice on managing finances in Belgium as an expat.

5:30 Preparation: The day is starting to wind down, I always like to write a ‘to do list’ at this point for the next day whilst things are fresh in my mind. I also clear away the event that was held this afternoon and set up the room again for one tomorrow morning.

6:30 Leave the Office: The day is over, I like to get in some form of exercise; be it a game of tennis, football or I’ll head to the gym before going home for the next day.


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