Getting to know your Expert Advisors: Gosselin Mobility



The British Chamber of Commerce works with a broad range of Accredited Service Providers to bring you the best professional advice for international businesses who are in or entering the Belgian market. This series aims to give you a bit of an insight into these companies; showcasing how they can help you develop your business. British Chamber members can book a free first consultation with any of our expert advisors.


What is the most important questions companies looking to do business in Belgium should be asking?

The questions that we receive the most from clients is: What are the potential hurdles and Belgian regulations for foreigners starting a business in Belgium? The maze of red tape in Belgium can be a nightmare and things have not improved very much in the past couple of years.  One thing is for sure: if you decide to start a business, you must get a good accountant and lawyer and let them do the initial work.

What is one emerging trend in the business/regulatory environment which you would advise companies’ in/entering Belgium to be particularly proactive about?

Gosselin Mobility assists companies with the visa and immigration procedure of their expats.  A lot of questions raise on how the Schengen Legislation in the current European landscape impacts their immigration approach.  And the Brexit off course, although consequences for all of the EU member states are very hard to predict.

Why is it important for new entrants in Belgium to speak with you?

Our aim is for new entrants/expats and the company sponsoring their relocation to contact us way before they arrive in Belgium.  We need to know where they want to live (in function of the home search) and where they want their kids to go to school (in function school search).  We need to know if they need intercultural training and spousal/partner support or if they need language training.  Quite often we also organize their household goods move, which means that we literally move their lives to Belgium or vice versa.

See our website for more details and to get in contact

If you’d like to organise a meeting with any of our Accredited Service Providers, or are interested in becoming one, get in touch with James Pearson – our Business & Trade Executive at

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