Getting to know your Expert Advisors: Starfish MRM

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The British Chamber of Commerce works with a broad range of Accredited Service Providers to bring you the best professional advice for international businesses who are in or entering the Belgian market. This series aims to give you a bit of an insight into these companies; showcasing how they can help you develop your business. British Chamber members can book a free first consultation with any of our expert advisors.



What are the top 3 questions companies looking to do business in Belgium should be asking?

Why is Belgium the UK’s sixth largest export market in the world? UK/Belgian two-way trade is worth in the region of £22 billion, of which £2 billion is in services.

Why? Because it is a very open and dynamic market economy and it is easy to do business here. With more people who speak 3 or more languages in Belgium than in any other part of Europe, English is widely spoken, especially in Brussels.

Where should I start? The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is a good place to start. We have all the local knowledge and personal contacts you could need to kick-start your business. Our Accredited Service Providers know the answers to all the questions you didn’t yet know to ask and are happy to share their knowledge with you all through your journey to business success.

Can I use Belgium as a launch pad to other parts of Europe? Yes you can! The chamber is part of a new global trading platform, COBCOE Connects, an online matchmaking service for companies with a personal touch that gives you access to your ideal business opportunity anywhere in Europe and beyond. Check out

What is one emerging trend in the business/regulatory environment which you would advise companies in/entering Belgium to be particularly proactive about?

Think digital first. We don’t talk about the digital economy any more – the economy is digital. Your website is your shop window for global trade today, whether for products or services, so make sure you capture all your data online and fully integrate it with your back office administration – from leads generation to successful deals. It saves time, resources and frees up everyone’s time to focus on growing your business.

New online cloud based software ensures that your systems are always up to date, and accessible from anywhere, including your mobile phones. This is particularly important as you expand your business and develop trading opportunities.

Why is it important for new entrants in Belgium to speak with you?

We welcome the opportunity to speak with new and prospective incomers to Belgium.

Starfish MRM specialises in digital business transformation for small and medium sized companies. We are an independent partnership which works with companies to transform the way they work, collaborate and engage utilising the latest digital solutions at a cost that is affordable to them.

Our experienced partners are from the UK, Netherlands and Belgium, so we have been there and done it ourselves. We bring together flexible, joined up solutions, combining our breadth of specific technical expertise and management experience.

Whether you need support for business strategy development, market positioning, or organisational structure and capabilities needed, we can help you to deliver your vision and long term goals. We work with you to define the best online solutions for your needs, implement the processes and systems, and recruit the team members that will enable you to activate your plans.

See our website or contact us direct at

If you’d like to organise a meeting with any of our Accredited Service Providers, or are interested in becoming one, get in touch with James Pearson – our Business & Trade Executive at

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