Golden Bridge Winners: 6 months on…

Golden Bridge

The chamber along with BLCC are looking for applicants for this year’s Golden Bridge awards. 6 months ago, RWS received their award for the steps they’ve made in entering the Belgian market from the UK. We caught up with them this week to see what being a winner has meant for them.

It’s been just over half a year since you won the Golden Bridge Award. What has happened since then for RWS Group?

In November 2015 RWS acquired Corporate Translations Inc (CTi), the world’s leading life sciences translation and linguistic validation provider.  This acquisition has transformed RWS Group to a world leading position in life sciences translations and linguistic validation and further enhances its competitive standing amongst the largest specialist translation companies in the world.

In its latest half year Interim results RWS Group has furthermore reported an excellent six months to 31 March 2016. We have seen this translated into further new business wins and contract renewals in Belgium.

What role does Belgium play in Eclipse Translation’s activities?

RWS Group trades in a large number of overseas markets, but Belgium represents a sizeable overseas markets for the Group and for Eclipse Translations. With a strong background in the legal, chemical and life sciences sector, the Belgian market holds big opportunities and has always been a key market for us.

Our native Dutch and French speaking business development managers, account managers and project managers facilitate contact with Belgian companies and organizations and offer in-house knowledge and understanding of the local market.

In recent years, the number of companies and organizations in Belgium using our services has increased more than tenfold. Our clients now cover the whole spectrum of the Belgian market: private as well as public sector, from SMEs to the largest Belgian companies, and covering many industry sectors.

rws group logo

What did the Golden Bridge win do for you in terms of reflecting on and celebrating the success of your Belgian activities?

We have used the Award as an opportunity to celebrate and showcase our achievements with relevant clients and staff across the RWS Group. At Eclipse Translations, we have organised a ‘Belgian Day’ to raise awareness and celebrate the award.

The award has also been a vehicle to drive PR, business development and communication activities in the Belgian market, and it has allowed us to increase our social media exposure and attend follow-up events.

With Business Development Managers who understand the culture and speak the local language(s) responsible for targeting further work in the region, winning this award has added further value to our message to prospective clients and demonstrate our commitment to remaining a key player in the Belgian market.


What have been the main challenges you faced about doing business in Belgium? Any ‘top tips’ to share with other UK companies on how to approach the Belgian market?

A high quality of service and excellent customer service are prerequisites of doing business in Belgium, and certainly as far as language services are concerned, Belgium is a mature and demanding market. And since we are selling a service, a very personal approach adapting to the Belgian way of doing business in which personal contact and mutual confidence are very important, has been adopted with regular visits to potential and existing clients.

Our focus on the Belgian market, making it one of our largest markets, is also testament to the commitment we have demonstrated to growing our relationships with leading corporate and public bodies in the region.

What was your secret to winning the Golden Bridge award, and what tips would you give any prospective candidate?

We won the Golden Bridge award thanks to a company-wide effort. We got everybody involved from the start and we were able to share and communicate the passion and excitement from within the wider teams. This has certainly helped us with pitching and demonstrating firm-wide engagement during the presentations in front of the Golden Bridge jury.

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