Finding the right work-life balance in 2016

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can have such a positive impact in so many different ways both personally and professionally. This week Gaêtan Oversacq, co-founder of Belgium’s first nap bar, Pauz, writes about a new concept and how this can contribute to maintaining the all-important healthy balance.

pauz bar 1

Starting the day stressed because of work already and afraid you’re not going to meet your objectives for the day? Your workload seems too heavy whilst at night, your brain keeps on whirring and you can’t get the rest you need after a long day? We all know the day after can be quite difficult; you wake up tired with a lack of energy and focus. In the long term you feel irritable and grumpy, your bad mood is felt by those around you (both professionally and at home), and in the end, has a significant impact on your quality of life. You feel like you are losing control, le cercle vicieux has begun.

In a modern world, one must be at their best in all circumstances. Between professional and private life, failure is not an option. But how can we reconcile the two? Is it possible to find a healthy work-life balance? If yes, how do we make this come true? Nowadays, the line between professional and private life is pretty blurred and sometimes absent. Who doesn’t talk about work at home and vice versa?

Taking some free time at work and at home is an essential need that shouldn’t be forgotten. “Some free time?” you may ask, “I don’t have any!” And yet you ought to find some and make it a good habit. The benefit of these breaks, priceless throughout your career, will be felt around you at work as well as at home. You will feel radiant and in full bloom. Most importantly, you will feel well in your body and your mind.

It can however be difficult to dedicate time to relaxation. It’s not always possible to have a place to relax during work hours. It is nonetheless essential to disconnect and revitalise yourself in an appropriate place; quiet, comfortable, pleasant and relaxed. In this respect, many companies have understood the benefits of such places for their employees and set up relaxation areas in their offices. Not only is it good for the workers themselves, but also for the performance of the company as a whole and can show a strong return on investment.

Some companies don’t have the ability to offer their employees such facilities. This is where the ‘nap bar’ fits in as a new concept, especially in business districts offering professionals a specially adapted environment, kitted out for relaxation. The popularity of these relaxation and massage places is increasing. In a few minutes, people can re-energise and benefit from the positive impact that a nap or a massage can bring. These breaks are essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance in 2016. Take some time for yourself, and feel good with others.

We’d like to thank Pauz bar for their contribution as prize donors for last month’s Great Brussels Charity Bake Off!

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