Last look at 2015’s Golden Bridge Finalists! – Fenzi Group

Golden Bridge

With the announcement of this year’s Golden Bridge awards fast approaching, we’re providing a last look at the candidates before the awards ceremony in London next week. The awards recognise the achievements of companies making the successful leap from the UK to the Belgian market and from the Belgium and Luxembourg markets to the UK.

Can you give us a bit of background as to where you company has come from? Why did you choose to join the UK market when you did?

Fenzi, an Italian private company and leader in chemicals for the flat glass processing industry, was already for a long time locally present on the UK market with sealants (glue for insulating glass) and coatings for glass (mirror backing coatings – decorative coatings for glass). This specific market, closely related to the building industry, showed in the UK a lot of challenges in growth for the last 5 years. Specific development of products to fulfill market needs, fast acting and quitting of a European supplier of the market granted Fenzi several opportunities. The synergy of these factors together with the growth of the UK building market resulted in Fenzi’s sales increase.

Was there any specific technical or market research that your company done on the UK market before entering?

Sealants and glass coatings are very technical based. Intense focusing on technical service and guarantee of constant quality were the main factors to increase Fenzi’s market shares in the UK. To encounter the UK market for sealants, we particularly focused on developing a high standard sealants range of products. Fast acting to pick up opportunities, when one of the competitors left the market, turned out in a quick volume increase of the sealants market.

What has been your marketing strategy in the UK over the last 3 years?

To position Fenzi in the market as a company that brings:

  • Market driven development, by offering cutting-edge products that meet the ever-shifting needs of the market with maximal focus on technical service.
  • Solid and long-term solutions.
  • Reliable in supply combined  with an emphasis on quality

And finally, why did you apply for the Golden Bridge Awards, and why do you think you should win?

The focus on tailor-made products in combination with providing good services created a gap with the competitors. Convincing customers to overcome their conservatism by switching to alternative solutions and product ranges, is one of the biggest challenges. We proved that in very competitive markets, keep on following a good strategy with performing products combined with intense client-contact results in a profitable business. Continuation of this strategy, results in building ‘golden sustainable bridges’ with our clients in every country all over the world! Our application for this award is based on our pride for this success story.  And this is only a starting point …

Join us at the 2015 Golden Bridge Trade & Export Awards to celebrate the best of Belgian, Luxembourg and British business. The awards, now in their 19th year, aim to promote trade between the UK and the Belux countries, and to promote the best and brightest in this dynamic and growing market. The awards will be hosted at a gala dinner in London on 26 November at the BLCC Clubhouse Ballroom. You can register for the event here! Don’t forget that for those travelling to London from the continent, an exclusive Eurostar discount is available. Please contact for details of how to book.

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