My Advice for Young Leaders – Glenn Vaughan

29-04-2015 : Glenn Vaughan van de British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

After reflecting on his experiences in this year’s Leaders-for-a-Day programme in partnership with JA Europe, our CEO Glenn Vaughan, gives his advice to leaders of the future on what they can do to maximise their opportunities and their potential.

Being ‘shadowed’ for a day and meeting all of my fellow leaders made me realise just what a great opportunity the Leaders-For-A-Day programme is for potential young leaders. And from talking to many leaders, and young leaders as part of the programme here’s my advice for young people on the programme to maximise the value on the experience for myself.

  • Prepare. Make sure you know the company you’re interested in as much as is reasonably possible. Know about the sector and key trends or issues for people in that business. If you can, do your homework on the person you’re shadowing too. It helps you to highlight experience that you might want to find out more about.
  • When you meet people be ready to actively listen, reflect and then get your own thoughts in. So, people like to talk.  Well, I do. But they like a real conversation too – not just a one way. Asking open questions is a good way to draw out knowledge and experience. Your host may not appreciate an interrogation but having thought about things you’d like to understand better means you can use the time most effectively.
  • Don’t just formulate a list of questions though. Reflect on your own experience and have your own opinions, ideas and projects

This project is such a great experience because it is so very different. As an employer, I’m not just interested in your education and experience directly related to the job or sector.  A diversity of experience is more interesting than lots of the same. Things that demonstrate how you can take the lead and bring people together to achieve something really grabs the attention, and different examples from different settings are even better. Showing your entrepreneurial talents and initiative is a seriously big plus.

The Leader-For-A-Day programme is an excellent opportunity for the young people who take part. And it’s an engaging and worthwhile thing to do as a leader – without reorganising a whole work day. So if the chance comes along – get involved!

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