Making key life decisions a little easier for expats

Glenn EFA

By Glenn Vaughan, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

When finding your way in a new country, it is not always easy to get access to the right financial information. In Belgium, that is especially noticeable. It may be the language barrier- while most of us speak one of the official languages we might not feel confident that we will grasp the little important details that enable us to make a major financial decision. Belgium also has its own administrative system which can make things more difficult to understand. Our members face the same problems as other expats so we have good reason to want to help.

So, for a third successive year, we have invited a number of experts to come and share their knowledge and experience on all sorts of financial issues for expatriates living in Belgium. In a recent radio interview with Radio X, I was discussing our Expat Financial Affairs event which will take place on 3 October. The goal is to cover all the major financial decisions which people need to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We know that these are not always simple topics to navigate through for an expat, and expert advice is essential. From pensions, investments and planning for retirement, to information on schools and education, buying a house or a car; Expat Financial Affairs helps you bridge that gap in a way that it is simple and easy.

Luckily, we have a lot of the member companies that can provide expert advice and are used to dealing with people from many different countries. Naturally, they know what information will be useful and what you need to focus on, but they also understand the issues you might not think to ask about.

We want to make sure that the event helps you start thinking about things that you might not have done before. You can expect practical answers to what is relevant to you from people who understand your needs and can answer your questions. In October, Expat Financial Affairs will give you an opportunity to raise all those questions.

If you would like to hear more about why we’re organising Expat Financial Affairs and how the event can be useful to you, tune into this recording of my recent interview with Radio X, where in the coming weeks you’ll also be able to hear from some of the expert advisers who will be with us at the event.

If you would like to get personalised expert advice on a variety of areas relevant to your big life decisions as an expat in Belgium, please visit our Expat Financial Affairs website and register to join us on the 3rd of October at Vlerick Business School, Brussels. Sign up already now, and we will keep you updated on the event programme as it gets published and help you prepare for your visit in the best way possible.

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