New EU Committee Task Force Leadership for New EU Challenges!

Following a year of changes in the European Commisssion, European Parliament and European Council, the British Chamber’s EU Committee has undergone its own changes so that the Committee remains up to date, reflects both the priorities of our members and political realities, and able to continue delivering the highest value to our members.

The leadership of the EU Committee decided in December that for the 2015-2017 period, the committee will be comprised of six cross cutting task forces.

These task forces are

  • Security, focusing on all areas of business security concerns, ranging from counterfeit goods and improving customs control to fraud, taxation, and cyber security, and their effect on business profitability and brand reputation.
  • Competition and Trade, focusing on not only competition, trade and internal market issues but other issues concerning the business community in general.
  • Industrial Competitiveness, focusing on innovation and technology, environmental sustainability, energy and transportation
  • Financial Markets, focusing on both European and global aspects of financial regulation.
  • Food, Health and Consumers, focusing on agriculture, food security and sustainability, production and consumption, and health and well-being along the whole value chain.
  • Single Market, focusing on areas including –but not limited to- jobs, growth and investment, entrepreneurship and SMEs, employment and  the digital economy.

We received a large number of applications from members both new and old who expressed their interest in helping to shape the content and focus of our events. My colleagues assisting me in running the programme of the EU Committee for the coming years will be:

EU Committee leadership

James Stevens – FleishmanHillardVice-Chairs
David Reed – KreabGavin Anderson
Max Von Olenhusen – Novartis
Richard Corliss – Weber Shandwick
Claire Harris – FTI Consulting

Task force leadership



Barbara Wynne, Accenture


Ralf Ploufmann Olsen – BAT

Sean Murray –EUK Consulting

Selma Turki – IBM

Competition  and Trade


Claire Harris – FTI


Bill Batchelor – Baker McKenzie

Till Kupfer – BT

Industrial Competitiveness


Dessa Langevoort – BASF


Julie Kjestrup – APCO Worldwide

Nicolas Robin – Owens-Illinois

Vicky Voulgaraki – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Financial Markets


Cian Rice – Barclays


David Reed – Kreab Gavin Anderson

Food, Health and Consumers


Olivier Espeisse -Elanco


Sebastian Emig – European Snacks Association

Richard Corliss – Weber Shandwick

Tom Murray – EUK Consulting

Single Market


Henk Mannekens – BT


Marzena Rembowski – FTI Consulting

Robert Anger – FleishmanHillard

 I and the British Chamber team welcome the new EU leadership team, and look forward to a productive term.

James Stevens
Chair, EU Committee
British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

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