Improve your communication skills in 90 minutes with Andrew Manasseh

From signs on the underground to advertisements of the latest fashions trends, we are constantly being bombarded with thousands of messages each day. Yet, how can businesses make sure that their message is the one that sticks in peoples’ minds? Andrew Manasseh, Management Communication Training, showed us how.

Both engaging and informative, this session provided an insightful overview of why we attempt to communicate with consumers and how to develop effective messages, all through interactive, group activities. Andrew’s approach was simple and concise, with his own presentation echoing his principal rule; only communicate two or three key messages at any one time. This point was reiterated through a tool called the ‘message house’ which outlines the essential elements needed to achieve the main communication objectives; raising awareness, developing opinion and changing behaviour.

Of these objectives, altering a consumer’s opinion or behaviour are the most challenging. To overcome this, it is important to have a structure with an over-arching message which is then supported by two or three statements and hard and soft evidence. It is also advisable to avoid using clichéd business jargon and phrases. However, the most fundamental element of successful communication is ensuring that the message means something to the people you are engaging. Simple, interesting and relevant messages often leave the most lasting impressions.

The session was the perfect beginners guide to effective communication, providing participants with the confidence and tools to reach their desired audience.

Topic of the discussion: Improving communication skills

Speaker: Andrew Manasseh, Management Communication Training (

Tuesday, 2 July 2013




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