Finding the Patterns in EU Decision-Making – Doru Frantescu, 5th March 2013

On Tuesday the 5th March 2013, the Brussels New Generation (BNG), in cooperation with Votewatch, held an event focusing on Finding the Patterns of EU Decision-making at the British Chamber of Commerce.

Hosted by Doru Frantescu, Policy Director and Cofounder of Votewatch, the presentation engaged in topics such as the powerplay within the European Parliament between political parties, the voting coherence between MEPs and national delegations and indeed the national alignments which occur within the Council on specific policy areas.

The event highlighted the meticulous detail required to study and understand patterns throughout the EU decision-making process, particularly spotlighting the need to understand how certain parties have a high success rate in gaining policy initiatives within certain Committees. For example it has been shown that both the EPP and Alde groups gain over 90% of legislative parity within the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

The BNG is aware of the growing need of businesses to understand and have knowledge of the ever-shifting processes of EU decision-making for long term strategic planning, this was underscored by the high attendance and engaged audience during the Q&A session led by Richard Corliss, Chair of the BNG group.

This event gave prominence to the core themes of the BNG group, informing the next business leaders of key areas of interest, providing a neutral platform for networking and developing links between businesses within Brussels.

Votewatch is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009 from the London School of Economics. Its goal is to generate better debate on EU decisions and enhance transparency for the public on legislative voting. Since 2009 it has collected over 3700 voting items from 754 MEPs and monitored over 38 Council votes.






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