The reform of the ITU regulation

Over lunch, the discussion focused on

  • The WCIT conference that will take place in Dubai in December
  • UN environment and the concept of who governs the internet
  • Other activities concerning the internet
  • Government intervention and Public Policy concerns
  • The way forward during the next few years
  • Actors, other stakeholders and proposal makers
  • European principles and relevant legislation
  • Risks and issues at stake
  • The role of the EU
  • Costing issues, network externalities and the right to monitor/block traffic by member states
  • Cyber security standards
  • Outcomes, achievements and the possibility of a compromise
  • Control issue and multi stakeholder approach

The Q&A session touched upon topics such as

  • The proposal from the European Commission to the Council, timing and content
  • The consequence of a member state opting out from a Treaty
  • Reason for a ‘no positive’ proposals from the western countries on the reform of the ITR
  • Room for education for developing countries
  • Keeping the number of international organizations that discuss the regulation of the internet under control
  • The proposal being compatible or creating an imbalance with the general EU framework, costing issues and the different consequences affecting the developed and developing world

Topic: The reform of the ITU regulation


  • Eddy Hartog, Head of Unit, International Relations, DG INFSO
  • Nigel Hickson, VP for Europe, ICANN

Tuesday, 10th July 2012 from 12.30-14.00


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