Making energy markets work

The EU aims to fully integrate national energy markets by 2014, to give consumers and businesses more and better products and services, more competition, and more secure supplies. Progress has already been made: consumers can switch suppliers for gas and electricity, and suppliers must provide clear explanations of terms and conditions. Work still to be done includes aligning national market and network operation rules for gas and electricity as well as making cross-border investment in energy infrastructure easier.

In the light of these objectives, the EU Committee of the British Chamber, with the support of the ‘Competition & Trade task force’ organised a Business Lunch with Ms Inge Bernaerts, Head of Unit, ‘Internal Market II: Wholesale Markets, Electricity and Gas’ from DG Energy to brief the members. Ms Bernaerts started her presentation by explaining the ongoing liberalization process of network industries, including the electricity and gas markets.

She further talked about the 3rd packages. Since March 2011, the Gas and Electricity Directives of the third package for an internal EU gas and electricity market are transposed into national law by Members States and the three Regulations are applicable.

After her speech, during the Q&A session there was a lively discussion.


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