Over breakfast, the discussion focused on:

  • E-Commerce Directive, its implementation and the public consultation
  • The obstacles to the further development of eCommerce
  • Cross-border aspect
  • Market access issues
  • Service providers – obligations
  • Infrastructure (i.e. broadband, radio spectrum)
  • Main policy areas covered and consensus achieved
  • Council & EP perspectives
  • Interest in the opinion of the participants on the strategy of the European Commission
  • Well functioning of the digital Single Market
  • Report on Online Intermediaries
  • Policy dilemma – liability
  • Principles for online/offline VAT and harmonization of rules                                              
  • Copyright levies
  • Cloud, data protection without too many barriers for businesses
  • Net neutrality

The Question and Answer session touched upon topics such as

  • Expected conflict areas
  • Importance of the liability regime
  • Clarification of relevant articles and the option of adopting non-binding measures
  • The Green paper on payments issued in January
  • Different solutions for different problems
  • The report of the European Parliament
  • The implementation of the Directive across Member States
  • The creation and maintenance of a European regulatory framework that facilitates growth for businesses

Topic: The Future of e-Commerce in Europe


Werner Stengg, Head of Unit, Online Services, DG Internal Market

Martin Thelle, Partner & Director, Copenhagen Economics

Thursday, 14th June 2012 from 08.00-09.30


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