The European Green Car Initiative: supporting EU road transport industry

  • What: part of the Recovery Plan, including research on a broad range of technologies and smart energy infrastructures essential for greening transport
  • Main RTD priorities: Electrification of road and urban transport; Improved energy efficiency for heavy-duty vehicles; Logistics and co-modality
  • Funding:
– € 500 million for research
– Joint & Co-ordinated calls between four relevant FP7 Themes:
ICT – 120M€, SST – 220M€, Energy & ENV & NMP – 160 M€
– 4 calls in 2010-2013
  • Calls 2012 budget:
– 30M€ (ICT) + 37M€ (SST) + 25M€ (Joint call NMP/ENV/SST)

The EGCI Public Private Partnership must be continued in Horizon 2020, considering:

  • the positive experience as a fast, lean and efficient PPP during FP7
  • the needed added value of an integrated R & D & Innovation & Demonstration programme at European level
  • the commitment and the shared vision of the sector, setting objectives critical to the EU industrial competitiveness

Projects under execution:

  • 2010 call concentrated on Electric vehicles to kick start the process
  • Both component level and system level projects
  • Logistics and trucks topics from the 2011 call
  • Several joint calls successfully executed to guarantee coherence and critical mass

Horizon 2020: Main Features:

DURATION: 7 years (2014-2020)

BUDGET: 88 billion € (current prices)

SCOPE: from research to innovation

IMPLEMENTATION: continued stakeholder engagement:

maintaining and possibly extending JTIs
and PPPs

FUNDING SCHEMES:   · fewer, more flexible and user-friendly

· covering research and innovation

The challenge: to achieve a transport system that is

  • resource efficient
  • environmentally friendly
  • safe and seamless
  • for the benefit of citizens, economy and society

The logic:

  • a holistic approach
  • that recognises modal specificities
  • that is focused on the societal challenges
  • and takes into account the imperatives of competitiveness

Next steps:

  • 30 Nov. 2011 – Commission proposals adopted
  • 2012-2013 – EP and Council deliberations
  • 2013 – EP and Council decisions
  • 2nd semester 2013  – Preparation of 1st Work Programme

Speaker: Maurizio Maggiore, Research Programme Officer, Innovative automotive systems, DG RTD

Date: 29th May 2012


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