Review of the Technology Transfer Agreement Regime


– History of the TTBER

  • Enabling regulation 19/65/EEC
  • Regulation 240/96
  • Regulation 772/2004

– The review so far

  • Internal working groups
  • Consultation
  • Régibeau study

– Consultation

  • Around 40 replies mainly from law firms, law & industry associations but also a few companies and citizens commented.
  • Majority indicated that the current system works well
  • Suggestions for improvements in both the TTBER & Guidelines

– Consultation #2

  • Extension of TTBER
  • Distinction between TTBER and other BER
  • Market share threshold
  • Hardcore restriction

– Consultation #3

  • Exlcluded restriction
  • Cross-licensing
  • Patent pools

– Timetable

  • May/June 2012: Decision of Commissioner how to go ahead
  • End of 2012: Drafting of potential new guidelines and/or TTBER & consultation with other services & member states
  •  Spring 2013: second public consultation
  • April 2014: Final adoption

Speaker: Tobias Maass, Case Handler, Antitrust and Mergers Policy and Scrutiny, DG COMP

Date: 29.05.12


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