Foreign Policy

Catherine Ashton has been appointed by the European Council as High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. This Policy seeks to ensure a consistent and coordinated external action. The EEAS is an agency that has been created to assist the High Representative in her tasks and its staff comes from the European Commission, the General Secretariat of the Council and the Diplomatic Services of EU Member States.

The external action of the EU seeks to build and secure peace around the world, support social and economic development outside its borders in order to defend and promote the values and interests of the Member States. This is done by maintaining good relations with countries around the world, creating strategic partnerships with key international players, becoming deeply engaged with emerging powers, signing agreements with neighbouring states and being represented by a network of EU Delegations abroad.

Over breakfast, the discussion focused on the role and function of the High Representative for Foreign Policy, the value of business in foreign policy, corporate social responsibility, defence in Europe, maintaining good relations with the business community in order to open a structured dialogue that facilitates mutual understanding and learning, third countries, European solidarity (pooling and sharing) and investment.

The Q&A session touched upon topics such as:

  • Trade issues
  • Financial Regulatory Agenda
  • Investment treaty
  • Situation in Syria, refugees
  • Role of EEAS
  • Japan
  • Sanctions
  • International serious organized crime
  • EU-US relations
  • Russia
  • Corruption & bribery, promote practices of integrity

Speaker: David O’Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer, European External Action Service

Topic: Does Business have a stake in Foreign Policy?

Friday 20 April 2012 from 08.00-09.30


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