The EU seeks to prioritize high quality health services for European citizens as health systems in the member states are becoming more interconnected. Technology plays an important role in achieving medical advances and to create a European health information space for all Europeans that will improve their general wellbeing by helping them lead longer and healthier lives. The European Commission counts on the support of industry to promote the use of technical standards and architectures that can work together and support the mechanisms for conformity testing and certification of interoperable electronic health records.

Over breakfast, the discussion focused on theEC agenda on innovation for eHealth, the Scope of eHealth and role within the Digital Agenda for Europe, relevant EC  instruments, EU-US memorandum of Understanding on eHealth,  electronic Health Records and Privacy issues, secondary use of data for researchers, data protection, eHealth Action Plan and Week 2012.

The Q&A sessions touched upon topics such as

  • Problems in developing eHealth services
  • Main barriers for a full uptake of eHealth across Europe & uptake from patients and users of eHealth solutions
  • Mobile apps and hardware under the Medical Devices Directive
  • Competition rules and the need to foster standards with procurement as a solution

Speaker: Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, ICT for Health, DG INFSO

Topic: Innovation in eHealth

27 April from 08.00-09.30


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