Brazilian agribusiness and cooperation with the EU

Brazil’s agriculture still plays an important role in the overall economy. It is the single biggest exporter of agricultural products to the EU. On Tuesday 24 April, the ‘Food Security, Sustainability & Safety’ task force had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Odilson Silva who gave a presentation on the Brazilian Agribusiness and the cooperation with the EU. Mr Silva is the agriculture adviser at the Brazilian mission to the European Union.

Mr Silva started his presentation with an overview of the Brazilian agriculture economy and the evolution of the Brazilian agribusiness. Further he explained the main challenges to the agriculture development that are mainly related to the acidity of the soil. Next he introduced the Brazilian conservation programme that aims at reducing emissions and at using land more efficiently. He finished his presentation by suggesting several possibilities for international cooperation and he emphasised the need for international cooperation. He concluded that ‘Agriculture and agribusiness are a solution and key component in the path towards a more sustainable future’.

After the presentation there was an interactive debate amongst Mr Silva and the participants. Topics as the direct payments, the Mercosur agreement and the impact on the European beef producers and several other issues were discussed.


Topic: Brazilian agribusiness overview and cooperation with the EU

Speaker: Odilson Silva, Agriculture adviser at the Brazilian mission to the EU

The British Chamber would like to thank Grayling Belgium for hosting this event.


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