Border Management and the fight against serious & organized crime

Over dinner, the discussion focused on the importance of growth in the EU, the areas of responsibility of DG HOME and on the opportunity/need for businesses and neighboring countries to enter into deeper cooperation to improve border management and the fight against serious and organized crime. The event hosted the Commissioner for Home Affairs and was attended by the Deputy Director of Europol, British Chamber members and high level officials from several Ministries, Permanent Representations and Missions to the EU.

It touched upon topics such as unemployment figures reflecting sectorial problems (i.e. IT, Health, Agriculture and Tourism); the ability of criminals to find weak targets and alternative manners to perform illegal activities, such as cigarette smuggling and abusing social networks; increasing the interest for outsiders to come to the EU while keeping out criminals; identification of Schengen problems and areas to improve; introduction of penalties; fighting cybercrime through the funding of a cybercrime center.

The Q& A session touched upon topics such as:

  • Cybercrime, cyber issues and the role of Interpol
  • Smart Borders
    • Automated border systems to facilitate physical entry/exit through borders
    • Upgrade Schengen information system
    • Facilitate VISAs
    • Smart border package
    • Law enforcement
  • Regulation & harmonization of laws that focus on brand new drugs
  • Vision of the Commissioner
  • Corruption
  • Global governance institutions

Speaker: Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs

Topic: Stimulating and protecting economic growth:  the role of EU migration and security policies

Supported by the Business Security task force – Tuesday, 3 April from 18.30-20.30

To see more pictures about this dinner, please click here.


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