Road to London 2012

The British Chamber team welcomed the chamber members for the annual Spring Cocktail, an opportunity for members to meet in a relaxed setting, to network and to have a bit of fun.

Midi Station Brasserie – just steps away from the gateway to London at the Gare du Midi in Brussels was the setting.  All members that entered had to have a good look around this fabulous venue before finding their way to get registered and  mingle with the other guests.

The networking cocktail was themed “Road to London 2012”, as for legal reasons we were not allowed to use the famous “O” word as stated in the speech given by HMA Jonathan Brenton, British Ambassador to Belgium and patron of the chamber. He described how the UK – and the rest of the world –are getting ready for the Olympics.  He further emphasised that a lot of British businesses have benefited from the occasion, but also mentioned that some Belgian businesses have seized the opportunity to create some extra revenue out of the Olympics. Even today there are still opportunities for Businesses to grab!

Louis-Philippe Loncke, a versatile explorer and adventurer and second speaker, was the perfect example of the Olympic spirit. Although not competing himself, he was chosen as the Belgian torchbearer due to his proven track record of explorations and for being an inspirational example that neatly matches the Olympic spirit. On 15 June, he will carry the torch through Choppington. Nathalie Hill, photographer and member of the chamber who introduced Louis-Philippe to us, will be joining him on his next adventure in Poland soon.

Glynis Whiting, president of the chamber, rounded it all up and had one more important message for all present. She formally announced that the British Chamber teamed up with the Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in London and will be organising an award for UK companies exporting to Belgium – as part of the BLCC Golden Bridge awards. The official ceremony will be held in London in November of this year. More info and how you can participate will be published very soon.

All this inspirational talking had a very positive effect on all of us as the team heared nothing but positive comments and were thus reassured (yet again) that we had organised a very good networking event!

If you missed it, check out the pictures here and keep an eye on our events calendar so you can join us next time.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


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