Cloud – the Future is Bright ! A guide to Cloud Computing

A lot of people have heard about Cloud computing, but have no clue how to use it. During this presentation, Richard Carty from Netshield explained to us exactly what it is, and on how companies today have access to cheaper and greater computing power than ever before.

Please see below the following points that were highlighted during the event:

  • “The Cloud is about providing a pool of computing resources that all operate together, effectively  as a single computer” (Microsoft)
  • The Cloud is as big as you want it to be and you can cater it to your exact business needs
  • Cloud computing allows companies to adopt a type of “Pay as you go” service that allows them to avoid having to invest in expensive private IT Solutions
  • Investing in the “Cloud” is ECO-friendly as it centralises power to one central command that is external to the company, therefore enabling the company to reduce costs and be “greener”
  • Strong measures are provided to keep cloud computing secure, however do not believe any salesman that claims Cloud computing to be 100% safe. Like all IT services, no deterrent can 100% effective

Many thanks to Netshield for sponsoring the event.

Topic of the discussion: Cloud – The future is bright ! A guide to Cloud Computing

Speaker: Richard Carty, Director – Netshield

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


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