Durban Negotiations: What is the role of business in the absence of global political leadership?

Lunch meeting to hear first-hand from leaders in climate negotiations what really happened during the negotiations. Four speakers were present at the event,each offering a different perspective on the questions at hand, from a business, policy and NGO’s perspective.

Please see below the following points that were highlighted during the event:

  • The outcome of Durban was to “snatch agreement from defeat”
  • WWF values the role the EU is playing, but believes that they need to sort out their “own” house in order to remain credible
  • Governments should create a level playing field with a top down approach to support businesses, not the other way around which created the failure of Copenhagen
  • Developping countries need EU Support and the 30% reduction is feasible only with cooperation from US/China

Topic of the Discussion: “What is the role of business in the absence of global political leadership?”

Speakers Sam Van de Plas, Climate Policy Officer – WWF.

                  – Peter Wittoeck – Belgian Delegation to EU on Multilateral Climate Change.

                  – Malachy Hargadon, DG Climate Action – European Commission.

                  – Isabelle Callens, Director, Economic Affairs Department – VBO-FEB.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


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