The importance of innovative technologies in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry has largely benefited from the innovative technologies developed over the past years. The aim of this event was to show how innovation influences the medical and healthcare sector and how, ultimately, the improvements obtained have positive repercussions on patients’ lives.

Over breakfast, Ms Denjoy began her presentation by giving a picture of the role COCIR plays and by underlining the main sectors of its influence. She illustrated today’s relevant challenges for innovation and provided few concrete examples in terms of diagnostics, of biotech and genomics as well as of IT and bioengineering. She explained how innovation in medical devices improved outcomes in crucial sectors such as cardiology and oncology. Finally, she clarified the relevance of e-health and the key steps to foster an innovation-friendly environment in Europe.

During the Q&A session, the discussion focused on:

  • the role of politics and politicians;
  • reimbursements;
  • cooperation with national trade associations and the media;
  • further challenges.

Topic of the discussion: ‘The importance of innovative technologies in the healthcare industry’

Speaker: Ms Nicole Denjoy, Secretary General of COCIR, European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


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