How to Network?

Everybody knows Ed, but Ed didn’t realise he was such a good networker until he researched a few things. Networking itself is an art, not a science and we know most of the must do’s but just need some reminding from time to time.

During the event, Ed pointed out some of the following points:

  • Three main areas of networking can be identified: business, employment and social networking. It is crucial that you identify the right network for your aims;
  • The key to networking is to also connect people within your own network together;
  • It is important to follow up on your new contact 24 hours after the event;
  • Use the necessary tools to improve your networking skills i.e. business cards, elevator pitch, obtain participations lists before events, linkedin…;
  • One suggestion to take into account, if you cannot find the ideal network for you, invent one ! Put a few like minded brains together and make it happen!;

Topic of the discusion: How to network? a lunch-speed-networking session with Ed Read Cutting

Speaker: Ed Read Cutting, Director of Fulcra International Financial Planning.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


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